Colourful Easter!


To make your holidays as pleasant as possible, we want to sweeten your Easter with colourful pictures and product ideas. Colours have an effect on our minds and control our well-being. One more reason to think about colours and their effects right now.

For us, Easter is all about colours. In our Easter booklet we have therefore compiled a selection of products from our clients, which will certainly sweeten your holidays. Depending on your mood, you might find another page of the booklet exciting.

Yellow has an energizing, mood-enhancing, stimulating and opening effect. Yellow promotes the mental, communication and intellect. Yellow stands for reason and logic and forces the rational and the left brain hemisphere.

Red has an activating, energizing, appetizing and stimulating effect. Red stands for vitality, excitement, strength and energy. Red can make aggressive and reinforces interests. Red is passion, love and courage.

Blue is a cool colour and has a relaxing, refreshing, cooling and expanding effect. Blue makes wide and open and soothes to calm and peace. Blue stands for trust, calmness, duty-consciousness, inspiration, longing and creativity.

Green is the most common colour in nature. It has a calming, balancing and harmonious effect and stands for peace, hope and security. Green makes you calm, but also indifferent. Green cannot awaken lived potential in people.

Which colour suits you best at the moment?

Click here for the Easter booklet!


Our team wishes you a happy Easter and all the best.


These brands have an online shop:

Bonocler Sustainable, stylish glasses at fair prices.

L&E Multifunctional, cruelty-free bags and accessories.

Librio personalizable children's books with unique illustrations.

Myssy Nice beanies knitted by Grannies in Finland.

Qloom Colourful, functional bikewear from the Swiss brand.

Rossignol Trendy, sporty fashion with French chic. 

Skinnies environmentally friendly sun protection gel in biodegradable packaging.