Junghans MEGAday 2018


What a MEGA event! Junghans welcomed their international guests in Schramberg to present the latest and most elegant solution in the field of radio-controlled wristwatches - the Meister MEGA and max bill MEGA - and gave interesting insights on a tour through the recently opened Junghans Terrassenbau Museum.

Numerous guests have joined the invitation from Junghans to see the newly opened Terrassenbau Museum in Schramberg as well as the latest highlights from the traditional watch company. A tour through the museum led through the history of watchmaking in the Black Forest from the 18th century to the present day and gave an impression of the company and its significance for the city. After this inspirational journey through time, Junghans presented with the Meister MEGA and max bill MEGA a new generation of high-precision radio-controlled watches.