L&E London - Chic & Pratique


We are looking forward to the collaboration with our newest customer L&E London! The bag and accessories label has set itself the goal of combining multifunctionality, design and sustainability. Since its foundation in 2013, a unique assortment has been created.

Chic & Pratique! With this principle, fashion designer Lidia J. founded the bag and accessory label L&E London in 2013. The collection is designed in such a way that each product can be used multifunctional. A practical backpack can easily be converted into a stylish shoulder bag or a cross-body.

After 15 years in the fashion industry, in fashion capitals such as Paris and London, Lidia's brand aims to promote conscious consumption and a practical lifestyle. All L&E products complement each other and enable customers to tailor products to their exact needs and lifestyle. Each bag or accessory is handcrafted, numbered and signed by a team of highly skilled craftsmen in the in-house workshop.

L&E London can be seen at Globus Zurich from 13 May to 2 June 2019.