Myssy. It's not cool, it's warm.


Welcome Myssy. Our new customer Myssyfarmi is a Finish family business owned by Janne and Anna Rauhansuu and known for its funky and sustainable wool hats. We look forward to working with you.

The idea for the wool hats was born in Davos in 2006, when Janne knitted his first Myssy. The brand was then founded in 2009 when the Rauhansuu family moved to their old farm in Pöytyä. The organic and chemical-free Finnsheep wool is comparable to Merino wool in its softness.

The heart of Myssyfarmi, the Myssy Grannies, knit all Myssy products by hand and sign every Myssy they make. The Myssy products are 100% processed in Finland and are fully traceable.